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Chief Executive Officer: Nadia Abu Hijleh

Nadia Abu Hijleh is the founding member of Neo-Science and group and has a proven track record in delivering innovative solutions to the scientific, analytical and life science industry in the Gulf region. Nadia was the founder of Gulf Scientific Corporation in 1990, the first scientific company specializing in analytical, chromatography and spectroscopy equipment in the Middle East. The success of this led to Neoscience Qatar (QSC) being formed in 2005, followed by Neo-Science Saudi (GSL) in 2010. With over twenty years of experience in this sector, she has a vast range of skills and expertise in sales, marketing and innovation. Her entrepreneurial and strategic thinking skills have enabled her to expand Neoscience and group in the GCC. Nadia has successfully collaborated with regional and international manufactures and won many distinguished awards for her performance and service commitments.
Nadia studied at Kuwait University and earned her degree in Science with specialization in Analytical Chemistry.

Business Development Director : Faisal Al Bahar