About Us
  • Neo-Science & Group, a trusted provider, offers a wide range of products in Analytical Proteomics and Metabolomics Science, Life Science (Genomics) Research, Life Science Diagnostics & Informatics.
  • New products and services provided by Neo-Science & Group enable major advances in Healthcare, Research, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Academia to understand complex Biological System. Responding to the new Researcher’s requirements by supplying a new generation of innovation in Science, Energy, Materials, Environment, Chemistry, Food, Agriculture and Nanotechnology thus providing our clients with the opportunity to perform their work using the most modern technology available. Informatics solutions provide Laboratory Information System that consistently meet our customers’ expectations and ensure that customers receive 100% on-time service as well as accurate updates on developments.

  • To acquire and maintain Regional leadership position in areas of lifescience, analytical and informatics business in the Middle East. To continuously create new opportunities for growth and to help to turn our customer’ dreams of human advancement into reality across the spectrum of research, medical diagnostics and applied sciences.